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Is your church or organization wanting to plan a expo or banquet? Below we have given you some guidelines to follow to help make the process easier.

Here are some questions to ask in order to plan a successful event:

What is our intended goal?
State your goal clearly so that all involved parties understand the goal.

Whom are we trying to reach?
Single men/women, families, married couples, children, hunters,fishermen, etc.

Which events or programs whould interest your intended audience?

What outreach has your group selected?

Who will act as a chairperson?
List name and contact numbers

Who will serve as committee member?
List name and contact numbers

Where will your event be held?

If the event is outdoors do you have a Plan B for bad weather?

Will your event require special equipment?
List what will be needed and where you will get it. Borrow or rent. Don’t forget that handicapped people may attend and will need special accomodations.

Will you be serving food and beverages?

Will you need a guest speaker?
Will the guest speaker be responsible for presenting the gospel? Is the speaker paying own travel fees? Where will the speaker stay? Will there be monetary compensasion for the speaker?

If the guest speaker does not present the gospel, then who?

What can you do to make the event special?
games for kids, shooting games, wildlife displays, door prizes, decorations